ACPR engages in a number of different capacity-building programs throughout the North-East in pursuit of our core principles of democratising knowledge and increasing civic and political engagement.

Some of the programs we have and continue to run are:

Students Making Change - Tools for Civic and Political Engagement: ACPR's "Students Making Change" program aims to create student change-makers who can build initiatives for sustainable civic activism among the university student population. ACPR has been working with a group of Jaffna University students and Eastern University students since August 2017 holding workshops, offering mentorship and also providing resources to provide them with the tools and knowledge to engage in greater and more sustained civic and political activism.

Human Rights Documentation Training: ACPR has been working with a number of civil society actors based in the North-East to build their capacity for human rights documentation since October 2016.

Understanding the United Nations: ACPR ran several trainings for families of the disappeared on understanding the basics of the United Nations system.

ACPR also runs a program for public outreach on various subjects featuring lectures and discussions by visiting academics and activists to Jaffna. For more on this click here.