Discussion on Memorialisation with Ms. Valeria Barbuto

January 27, 2017

The Adayaalam Centre for Policy Research in collaboration with the Forum on Contemporary Issues in Law, Department of Law, Jaffna University, held a discussion on “Memorialisation” by Ms. Valeria Barbuto. Valeria Barbuto is an Anthropologist (University of Buenos Aires), with postgraduate studies in Cultural Management (Universidad Nacional de San Martín– UNSAM Argentina) and in Democratization and Human Rights (Universidad Nacional de Chile). She’s a researcher with the Political and Legal Anthropology Team of the School of Philosophy and Letters, Universidad de Buenos Aires. She’s Director of Memoria Abierta, an alliance of eight Argentine human rights organizations working together to promote social memory about the human rights violations in the past, the actions of resistance and the struggle for truth and justice, to reflect on the present and strengthen democracy. Memoria Abierta catalogued and provides access to various institutional and personal archives; produces an oral archive; contributes to the visibility of the places used in the repression; prepares thematic resources for outreach and educational purposes; and contributes with the legal cases. She’s a member of the Board of Human Rights Organizations of the Espacio para la Memoria ex ESMA (memory site in Buenos Aires), as representative of the organization Center for Legal and Social Studies).

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